Case study

Saving the environment one meal at a time


To create a convenient way for bakeries and restaurants to sell their food that is close to expiry date.


We designed and developed a WeChat Mini-Program for ZeroFoodWaste Company.


A beautiful WeChat Mini-Program that is changing the way people consume food.

About the project

Badianyihou 八点以后 by ZeroFoodWaste Company is an innovative way for bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels to sell delicious food before expiry date or shop closing time.

Key functionality

Going above and beyond our client's expectations.

The app provides complete delivery service integration, Platform functionality, WeChat pay and much more.


From restaurant to your doorstep


All your favorite restaurants

WeChat Pay

Convenient payment

Scan with WeChat
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The details

Taking a closer look

The app is packed with features from the start.

Food and drink

"Surprise Boxes"

Users can purchase surprise boxes with food and drink from their favorite restaurants at discounted rates when close to the restaurant closing time.


Complete functionality in English and Chinese

Users can easily switch between English and Chinese allowing them to easily understand the app.

Delivery API

Integration with local delivery services

The app integrates with local delivery services to allow users to order food and drink from their favorite restaurants directly to their doorstep.

WeChat Pay

Full integration with WeChat Pay

WeChat pay allows customers to conveniently use their existing WeChat wallet for any payments made to restaurants.

Admin System

Administration system for partner and order management

Complete overview of orders, partners, products for convenient management.


Multi-partner functionality

ZFW Badianyihou acts as a platform so new partners can be onboarded quickly

Unique Design

Unique design that sets ZFW apart from the competition

Design built completley from scratch without the use of any templating system.

Food Map

Tencent maps for restaurant "Foodie Map"

Users can quickly locate restaurants close to them via a tencent api integrated food map with markers for restaurants.


Convenient abilitiy to pre-order before suprise boxes are available

Built on


Easily favorite restaurants to come back to

Users can curate their own list of favorite restaurants

Dine-in & Pickup

Suprise boxes can also be picked up or had as a dine-in option

While the delivery partnership allows customers to have their orders delivered, they are also encouraged to take the environmentally friendly option of picking up their suprise boxes in store.

Stock update

Dynamic and manual management of stock

Restaurants can easily update their available quantity of suprise meals for the day


Each restaurant deserves to shine!

From the out set we had a vision for a vision for a cute, eco-friendly app with great a user experience. A key concern of ours was too show the partner restaurants in the best light possible and make it fun to order from them. Each restaurant deserves to shine!

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